About Our Mushrooms

Native and Environmentally-friendly

Our aim is to create an ecological footprint that is as environmentally-friendly as possible. We make sure that our mushrooms are grown on toxin-free and local resources. We grow on supplemented biodynamic substrate and in biodegradable containers.

We plan to grow various native mushrooms which we will introduce step by step. At this stage we are focusing on the native New Zealand oyster mushroom, Pleurotus Pulmonarius.


Matariki Mushrooms are dedicated to cultivating the awareness of mushroom lovers, growers and lawmakers to protect our precious taonga.


All the strains that we cultivate originate in New Zealand bush and are DNA-verified by government scientists of the Landcare Research Institute (Manaaki Whenua).

Our Native Varieties

NZ Phoenix Oyster Mushrooms

A delicious specimen even for the unacquainted mushroom lover.

Where To Buy Our Mushrooms

Our mushrooms are available to purchase through the following delivery services:
Veda Organics
Colourfields Farm