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Matariki Mushrooms promote and protect native strains and help to make recent scientific discoveries and solutions accessible to more people.

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Mycroremediation – how to use fungi to heal the land

The Ancient Kingdom of Fungi

The fascinating kingdom of fungi is interwoven through our everyday lives. Bread, beer, wine, cheese, coffee and tea are only a few examples of how fungi (yeasts/ferments) are part of our modern lifestyle. The use of fungi, however, is as old as humanity. Here in Aotearoa, our Maori ancestors used mushrooms to make ink for moko (tattoos), as tinder to start a fire or even to transport fire.

Yet, fungi is an abstract topic for many modern people. Even science has reached a better understanding only in the last few decades. One of the outcomes of that is a method called ‘mycoremediation’ – where fungi’s unique ability to break down a seemingly endless variety of chemicals can be utilised to clear contaminated soils of toxins.

Our Precious Taonga

Aotearoa is home to unique strains of fungi which not only taste ‘out of this world’ but may also offer some exciting benefits to our environment and health.

At Matariki Mushrooms our ambition is to promote and protect native strains and to help make these recent scientific discoveries and solutions accessible to more people.

We are dedicated to cultivating the awareness of mushroom lovers, growers and lawmakers to protect our precious taonga.


Children’s book


Available Now: $35.00

Children’s book: Family of Forest & Fungi
Published in April 2023 by Blue Hand Publications. 51 pages.
ISBN: 796548548592

A children’s book exploring the kingdom of fungi, with activities including making a spore print, mushroom ink, and even growing your own.

Spaces are provided to write responses to sensory activities, and also te reo vocabulary related to the natural world.

With beautiful watercolour illustrations by well-loved children’s book illustrator Isobel Joy Te Aho-White and translations by Hana Park. By Valetta Sówka.

Little Mr Mushroom

Little Mr Mushroom
Underneath a tree,
I look at you
And you look at me.

You grow from the grass
In a single night
with your round round hat
And your head so white.

You have no hands
Or feet to run;
You stand and blink
At the morning sun.

Little Mr Mushroom,
What would I do
If you were I
And I were you?

– James K. Baxter

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Matariki Mushroom News

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Therapeutic Mushroom Magic in New Netflix Docuseries

How To Change Your Mind, TV Miniseries 2022 This docuseries by Michael Pollan presents the newest scientific research on 4 different psychedelic ‘drugs’: psilocybin (a.k.a. “magic” mushrooms), LSD, MDMA (“Ecstasy”) and mescaline cacti, as well as including their cultural and historic background.This is not a new topic of research. In fact, already in the 50s…


Mushroom Magic Interview

A warmly-written article published in Stuff/Nelson Mail outlining our mycoremediation pilot project and workshops in 2021. By journalist Amy Ridout.


Contactless Delivery during Lockdown

Fresh native oyster mushrooms – free delivery to your letterbox As an ‘essential business’ providing fresh local produce, we are operating at all levels of lockdown and are offering contactless delivery in accordance with official COVID-19 safety protocols. FREE CONTACTLESS DELIVERY to Motueka and surrounds, Motueka Valley, Richmond, Stoke and Nelson. This page will be…


Get Inspired by the Fantastic Fungi Film!

Check out this beautiful Gem! Expand your world view and learn about leading edge fungi solutions. (Available to watch on Netflix or online: From the film’s website: “When so many are struggling for connection, inspiration and hope, Fantastic Fungi brings us together as interconnected creators of our world. Fantastic Fungi, directed by Louie Schwartzberg,…


Mushroom Growing On Logs Wananga

Excerpt from Te Putahitanga o Te Waipounamu blog: Recently Kahutane Whaanga, our Resilience Pouwhakataki, attended a Mushroom Wananga for Matariki Mushrooms where mushrooms were grown on logs.  Whānau were encouraged to bring their tamariki and this was normalised by the facilitators also having their tamariki at the wananga.   The balance of wahine/tane facilitation was awesome,…

nz pleurotus pulmonarius

The Importance of Keeping it Native

Mushroom growing has been increasing in popularity. More and more market stalls and online shops sell fresh mushrooms or grow-it-yourself kits and resources using different species. Unfortunately it is widely ignored that often these commercialised strains are imports which are closely related to New Zealand’s native species. One example is the Pink Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus…


As delicious and flavour filled as the field mushrooms we gathered as children.

– Basil Steele (retired)