Contactless Delivery during Lockdown

By Matariki Mushrooms

Fresh native oyster mushrooms – free delivery to your letterbox

As an ‘essential business’ providing fresh local produce, we are operating at all levels of lockdown and are offering contactless delivery in accordance with official COVID-19 safety protocols.

FREE CONTACTLESS DELIVERY to Motueka and surrounds, Motueka Valley, Richmond, Stoke and Nelson.

This page will be updated for each delivery run so be sure to check back here, or follow our FaceBook page for updates.

Our next delivery date:

Motueka Valley, Motueka, Dovedale, Mapua, Upper Moutere

Our next delivery trip is Monday 6th September Please order by Sunday 9pm for Monday’s delivery run.

If you are along the above route and you want fresh mushrooms delivered free to your letterbox please order here or email to One 250g punnet for $12.50, delivery included.

We have fresh, gourmet native oyster mushrooms available, $12.50 for a 250g punnet

Click here to order

Please include your name, the amount of punnets you are ordering and your address for delivery.

After your order is placed we will send you our details for bank transfer as we are not permitted to receive cash sales.

Each mushroom pack sold goes towards helping to cleanse regional environments of pollutants

Our mushrooms are grown on biodynamic straw, completely free of any agrochemicals or toxins. After we harvest the mushrooms, we then use the spent growing medium for our mycoremediation projects in the region. That means we move fungi mass to a polluted site, integrate it with certain methods and use the fungi’s ability to break down a whole range of things, including toxins like DDT.

Click here to find out more about our mycoremediation pilot project.

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